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CSIRO Staff members, their family and friends accross Australia are joining together and jumping on their bicycles to push their limits.  Why? To show their support and commitment to find a cure for one of the worlds deadliest and silent killers, Cancer.


Show your support for this cause by joining the CSIRO team on the upcoming Fitz's Challenge, provide sponsorship or donate towards our Tour de Cure fundraising goal.

We have all seen the effects that Cancer has had on our employees, their family members and the general community, so when approached by one of our staff to help raise funds for Cancer research and prevention naturally we said Yes.


Tony Hudson manages our Environmental Sustainability Team and is an avid cycler. Following the loss of his brother a number of years ago to an aggressive kidney cancer, as well as the recent diagnosis of another close family member with non-hodgkinson's lymphoma, Tony decided to help make a difference.



Do you have a message of support you would like to share with Tony Hudson or any of our riders for Fitz's Challenge? Perhaps a suggestion for additional fundraising events? Then send us a message via our contact form!

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Donate to Tour De Cure

Ride 2 Cure Cancer!

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